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20-322 Lublin, Polska
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The Film and television production center - ATM Studio is the newest and one of the most technologically advanced film studios in Poland. The studio is located at Wal Miedzeszyński 384 in Warsaw's Wawer district, it houses many film and tv production companies, as well as companies which provide technical and production services for the audio-visual industry.


The studio incorporates 7 stages (150 m² green, 500m²,4 x 800m², and 1500m²), well stocked wardrobes and make-up rooms, as well as storage facilities, designed to accomodate large set elements. Our clients have a vast array of sevices at their disposal, these services are provided by the companies which operate in the Center. The services include set services, catering, lighting systems, sound systems, assembling set elements, visual and audio post-production, visual effects implementation. Thanks to our in-house optical fibers network it is possible to transmit television signals from our stages to any television station in Poland or allow rapid transfer of film material to partners around the world.

Our film studio offers comfortable conditions for completion of feature films, tv series, soap operas, tv theatre, commercials, television programmes and live audience events. Creators and producers completing projects in the ATM film studio, have the freedom of using available external and internal means of production.

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Each audiovisual production is a unique undertaking, therefore upon receiving a request from a producer, we prepare an individual trade offer. All interested parties are invited to contact us at: +48 22 295 61 10 or

We invite all interested parties to visit the ATM film and television production center on Wał Miedzeszyński 384 in Warsaw, POLAND EU.

Zentrum für Film- und Fernsehproduktion ATM Studio
Wir bieten sechs Filmstudios mit der Oberfläche von 500m², 800m² und 1500m². Begleiten Sie uns! +48 22 295 61 10

Centre pour la production cinématographique et télévisuelle ATM Studio
Nous proposons six studios de cinéma avec la surface de 500m², 800m² et 1500m². Nous invitons à la coopération! +48 22 295 61 10

Centro di Produzione Cinematografica e Televisiva ATM Studio
Offriamo sei studios cinematografici con la superficie di 500m², 800m² e 1500m². Unisciti a noi! +48 22 295 61 10

Фильмово-Телевизионный центр АТМ Студио
Предлагаем 6 киностудий с поверхностью 500 м² 800 m² и 1500 м². Приглашаем к сотрудничеству. ул. Вал Медзешиньски 384, 03-994 Варшава
+48 22 295 61 10

ATM Studio
Centrum Produkcji Filmowo - Telewizyjnej
w Warszawie. ul. Wał Miedzeszyński 384
tel(+48 22) 295 63 10, 295 63 03, 295 63 06

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Lotnicza 3/16 Lublin

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