Burre Hydraulik GmbH

Brückenstraße 1
D-32549 Bad Oeynhausen, Niemcy
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<p>Founded in 1964 by Mr Karl-Heinz Burre, Burre Hydraulik started its operational activities in 1965. The original concept of an engineering office was quickly abandoned and he began building a production facility of his own. The first developments included control valves for hydraulic excavators, explosion-proof solenoid valves and diaphragm valves. </p><p>In 1972, the company moved to the newly built production hall on the premises, where Burre Hydraulik has its head office through to the present day. 540 m² of production area now provided more space to turn the founder’s innovative ideas into reality. </p><p>Using this, Burre developed and manufactured hydraulics, for instance explosion-proof solenoid valves for the refuelling stations of Deutsche Bahn's diesel locomotives. As a graduate engineer, Mr Karl-Heinz Burre quickly realised, however, that the future lies in hydraulic control systems and devices and aligned the company’s activities accordingly. Here, he took on the challenge and often ventured into uncharted technological territory. He was thus instrumental in the automation of machines for the textile industry. However, he also worked successfully in other technical sectors which allowed him to develop an automatic hatch cover control system for ocean liners. In line with this development, the production space has also grown steadily and now amounts to more than 5000 m². </p><p>Over the past 50 years, the company has adapted itself to the needs of the market, further development and increased technical possibilities. The founder’s motto to satisfy all customer requirements as fully as possible has always been honoured. Today, Burre Hydraulik is still a family-owned business and has been managed jointly by the first and second generation since 1995.</p>



  • Mrs. Edelgard Burre