Alfol GmbH

Erbacher Straße 6
D-63128 Dietzenbach, Niemcy
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<table><tbody><tr> <td> The company focuses on trading in aluminium foils and aluminium tape as well as aluminium-based foils, for example aluminium composite foils and self-adhesive aluminium tape. Our products are used in industry, trade, medicine, food etc. Where does ALFOL come from - a short history: ALFOL was first registered in the 1920s by Eduard Dyckerhoff in Hannover-Poppenhagen, Germany for “aluminium foils for cooling/heating insulation”. In 1987, the ALFOL division was hived off from the Dyckerhoff Group and was taken over in the form of a management buy-out by the previous Head of Division Karl H. Borcherding, who continually expanded the processing and distribution of aluminium foils up until his retirement in 2012. On 1 January 2013, ALFOL activities were taken over by Uwe Beyer and brought to ALFOL GmbH with an office in Dietzenbach near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. As ever, the purpose of the company is to process and distribute every kind of aluminium foil.</td></tr></tbody></table>


  • Mr. Uwe Beyer